About Us

We are passion driven Millennial Entrepreneurs, and CSR enthusiasts. We believe in conscious business, a humane business, a green business. Where ethical money is a fuel for peace and prosperity, equally for everyone. Where no private interest precedes the global good.

Where the legitimacy of the end is derived from the legitimacy of the means. Where rapports are not established on the balance of power but a mutual constant search for fairness and win-win situations. We believe in an alternative reality than the one we woke up to. And we decided to live to be the change we want to see. After a decade of working in the Corporate Events Industry, we have witnessed first-hand the potentiality of the industry to create and promote change.

Unfortunately, this potentiality was being obscured by a shallow understanding of the role of the industry, and a short-sighted unsustainable Business Models. However, this experience allowed us to connect to an international network of professionals and organizations that saw the lost opportunity and sought change. And there was the beginning of the inception of FLuXPO.

Why Us?

We FLuXPO, are committed to deliver the highest ROI to our stakeholder, Fair deals to our vendors, complementarity and cooperation to our partners, the ultimate marketing experience to our sponsors, and value to our audience. Within the ideal environment for everyone, to network, to exchange, to grow, and to cease business opportunities. To be the change they want to see.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, if there is a change you want to see, that you want to be, and that you can relate to one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, and you think bringing all the change actors under one roof is the best way to start. We are under your service to make your vision come true.

FLuXPO is your event services company in the service of sustainable development. We create events that create change. Get in touch now and join the movement, to do business today that will build tomorrow’s Smart Circular Economy.

Unleash the event industry potential of creating and promoting global change. To do business consciously, sustainably, profitably and at scale. To introduce the next generation of business, Wise business in the service of the greater good.

To Lead an ever-evolving series of value driven wold class events to promote Public Private People Partnership for sustainable development all over the globe.

Value, Originality, Depth and relevance are at the spirit of this Venture, we make sure that everything we do and everything we are, reflects these values.